My life time  warranty 
If for any  reason you are not happy with your pet I will be more than glad to take the dog back!
 If you find that 
 you are not happy with your animal please contact me FIRST
Eskimo's are known for their beautiful coat and adorable little face
they also BARK and shed heavy in the spring.
If these are not acceptable traits please look at another breed of dog. I would not want you to have a pet you are not happy with.
They make wonderful house pets but the outdoors is where they like to be for a good romp then back on the couch, good with Children and other pets especially other Eskimos. make great watchdogs or as I prefer doorbells, low maintenance
While brushing is a must, bathing is not a weekly necessity
they are almost self cleaning, and very active

While I think this is the sweetest dog out there they are not for every one.  So I am not  interested in selling to brokers, breeders or any one not interested in a wonderful companion pet. If you are still interested contact me for a waiting list  of available puppies

Or if you would just like to know more about this breed
I have a lot of information to share and some beautiful stories 
about how special they are!
To find out about where we live 
and the rest of the critters
scroll around the site ​

We live in the South East part of Missouri close to the bootheel, in a very small village.While I also work out side the home. all my spare time is spent with my dogs and cats. They have become such an adventure.
I call it a passion Husband calls it obsession (Same thing isn't it?)

While we are very involved in the show ring, our breeding program reflects this in trying to produce the perfect show dog, sad to say not all of them enjoy the ring, this is where you as the perfect pet owner comes in. Cant keep them all, which is a boon for you as we place them in pet homes. You will see all the breed standards in your loving pet with a awesome personality.. and may even want to try your hand at showing your dog.. keep in mind we with experience have already decided to place this puppy in a pet home, dont expect to see it at Westminster.

My first Eskimo was purchased as a pet for my nieces 32 years ago and it has been a love affair ever since. We spend our time playing with, grooming, feeding and cleaning up after  Eskimos  and 1 cat plus feeding the strays that wander in from time to time 

While I do have a lot of dogs not all of them are "Breeders" we do keep most of our dogs 
after retirement. Placing "retirees" in selective homes and I do require that the dog "Pick their new home over "Me" picking it . Eskimo dogs love their people so in choosing to place one of my dogs out side their home it take a lot of research and thought on will the dog excellent better in a smaller environment or here Case in point Zelda excelled in her new home where as Poo 
would never do well any where except in her roll as Grandmother to all the new babies!!
Their retired they should live where they want to live