Is there a written sales agreement with a health guarantee included with the puppy?
I guarantee my puppies for 5 days that you get a healthy puppy
I have a lifetime return policy, If for any reason you are not happy with your puppy
contact me I will take the dog back  (NO REFUNDS On health puppies you just decide you dont want
Are their any specific care and feeding instructions and what brand of dog food do you use?
Yes to a certain extent but nothing serious and I use ROYAL CANIN
and you will need a quality brand dog food after the transistion stage from my house to yours
Which I can and will recommend other brands
Can I see the records of pedigree, vaccination and health ?
I keep records of "ALL" health and vaccinations for State purpose
and I can send copies  vie fax or internet  and Vet health cert. if need be.
Are their any genetic diseases or abnormalities in the blood line?
other than being spoiled rotten none that I know of  They have not been tested for every thing know to the animals world-- see more on PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and why we test for it
What can you tell me about the parents?
Personility, looks and  trainability. I can talk all day about my dogs
Is there a contract involved for adoption
yes that shows you all the information
that you need to assure you a wonderful pet
Do you make money from breeding dogs?
not very much have you priced quality dog food
and Vet expenses
If I tell you the personality that I prefer can you pick a puppy that matches as much as possible from the litter?
absolutely I would never sell a puppy to some one that I thought
it wasn't right for... makes shelter's and pounds full
and I never want to see one of mine in a place like that

Can I get a copy of the eye and hip certifications?
I have test reports on my Males at this time Yes Please do ask for the out come of these test

Does the breed have a tendency to bark a lot?
If you do not spend time with your Eskie he will be a serious nusiance barker
they want to be with their people they need to be with them for comfort
you can not put a Eskie in the back yard and then forget them

How much socialization do they need?
At least 2 to 3 hours a day they will need to spend playing with you
and spending time being part of your family. they do not need the attention of other
animals as long as you provide the family they crave. If you can not provide them with
a couple of hours every day they will need another dog.
This is one of those items that I will recommed another breed of animal if you cannot
spend quality time with an Eskimo or can not provide him with companionship of another dog
they just HAVE to have a family to be happy- Puppy Day Care- Dog Sitter- classes keep your puppy
a well rounded  family pet
Here are some question that have been asked
to help you better understand this breed of dog
and my kennel. I have tried to answer these
question. please feel free to ask more on these topics below or another question you might have
will add more FAQ later
Please make sure you read the statment about breed standards at the bottom

yes I will for a fee. The cost of extra dog food, vaccines, worming, plus extra care of your dog has created a expense I can not afford. I will expect payment for the dog at 8 weeks. the extra fee at time of delivery in CASH
Again yes I will for a fee.
I also use Pet Air to transport by air and can ground transport a puppy close to home!
be aware there is a fee and I will expect this before puppy leaves my home!
Have had good luck with Air Transport, I can also fly with puppy as carry on or you may make the trip in to pick him up view the kennel and take your puppy home as carry on! great experience!
Please understand as I place my puppies far from home
cash is always a good thing. I will accept your personal
check for the deposit and or full payment of the puppy
prior to the 8 weeks. If you want to wait and see the puppy before you pay for him/her in full I will expect CASH at that time. Puppies that are to be shipped shall be paid for BEFORE I make flight arrangements . BUT  you must still make the deposit to hold the puppy
NO NO NO NO  We sell on a first come first serve basis if you want the puppy place a deposit on it
do not send me money 8 weeks after we speak and expect the puppy to still be here
I do NOT hold puppies with out a deposit, If you change your mind after deposit is paid sorry NO REFUNDS- - deposits are NON-Refundable if you do not pay for your puppy in a timely manner - decide you dont want it - change your mind--  what ever the reason
DEPOSITS ARE NOT -REFUNDABLE be aware of this before you take this first step

If you cant afford the purchase price you cant afford the dog
Visit you local shelter , rescue or pound or take care of the local stray before it ends up in the pound

I dont sell un registered animals again see your local shelter or pound. Quality breeders work hard to make sure you recieved a health happy well adjusted puppy. THere is a lot that goes into raising a good quality animal. It is hard to find a "Cheap" puppy and a "Healthy" puppy in the same animal

Breed standards
you say you want a Toy Eskimo
are you sure??
here are size standards for Toys,  Mini's and Standards

AKC standards
Size, Proportion, Substance 
Size There are three separate size divisions of the American Eskimo Dog (all measurements are heights at withers): Toy, 9 inches to and including 12 inches; Miniature, over 12 inches to and including 15 inches; and Standard, over 15 inches to and including 19 inches. There is no preference for size within each division. Disqualification: Under 9 inches or over 19 inches. Proportion. Length of back from point of shoulder to point of buttocks is slightly greater than height at withers, an approximate 1.1 to 1 ratio. Substance. The American Eskimo Dog is strong and compactly built with adequate bone.

UKC Standards
Males from 12 inches up to and including 15 inches;
Females from 11 inches up to and including 14 inches.
Puppy class only -- Minimum permissible heights are 11 inches for males and 10 inches for females.

Males over 15 inches up to and including 19 inches;
Females over 14 inches up to and including 18 inches.

UKC doesn't  recognize the toy of the breed at this time

Can I breed my Puppy when they are old enough?
While I am a Breeder and Find there are excellent breeders out there I have concerns about allowing my puppies to go into a breeding program
THere are request that I make to those who would purchase a puppy from me for this purpose

Reasons being  genetics
as responsible breeders we take the time to research our pedigrees and bloodline to assure that your puppy is a healthily one and compatible as a family pet
In breeding you would want to be assured that your puppy as an adult will have the traits and charterristics of the breed to represent the breed standards as close as possible
Another thought is that in selling our puppies as family pets we know that you will do your best to take fine care of your new couch potato in a breeding program there are risk in allowing your pet to breed
Even the finest care taken of an animal can still result in the loss of your beloved pet if proper precautions are not taken in breeding
Lost puppies, Lost females, contagious diseases found in the males???
do you really want to take a chance on this with your puppy?
another reason behind caution is "puppy Mills and back yard breeders
in selling our puppies as pets we try to keep the price in an affordable range in placing a order for a breeding animal the price goes up
and the main reason is "Puppy Mills they usually wont pay top dollar for their stock as this would get into their return
Quality breeders have a reputation to up hold and the integrity of their dogs are at stake they do testing and research
be willing to pay  and up front in your request on a breeding purchase. your breeder has tons of information to share with you in selecting the correct animal for your program and for promoting the breed standards and healthy puppies
There are no problem dogs only problem situations.
I want my dogs to be "PART" of a family they dont require being a house dog
but they need the attention of a human being to stay well socialized
I hope this helps with these questions
feel free to ask any thing about my dogs and or my kennel
PS I have an open door policy. you can drop in any time we will always be happy to see
people. My house maybe not always spotless but you will find a day to day life style here

have you checked out AKC and UKC breed standards on these
little fur balls
It will help you in finding out about size, personality, temperment, ect on these dogs
AKC link above
UKC link above

They do come in varied size even with in the toy-mini-standard size
I like for people to know that unless I have 3 generations of animals to look at I can
not guarantee exactly what they will look like other than "white" and male or female
A Toy mommy may have a standard in her back ground and will show up later in puppies
WHile I may have a Toy Daddy and a Toy mommy I have also produced a very loving standard puppy from dogs that where under 12 inches tall (Case in Point Ask Donna about Rocket)

Your pedigree from AKC- UKC or APRI will state American Eskimo Dog they will have no comment about a "Toy" , Mini, or "Standard
I try my best to watch them grow, check their pedigrees look for their grand parents some times it just gets past me. If this is the first pairing of the male and female we just have to wait to exact sizing
WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SIZE if this will be a issue i have concerns about placing the dog in a home that because it grew to 13 inches when it should have stayed 12
or only grew to 12 inches when it should have grown to 17