different websites have allowed us to do MOVIES
click on the links to see some of our dogs in action
So we hope to add more links and more movies as they become available

some of our past puppies in action
Chloe in her home
Tikaani in his brand new home with Cosmo the cat
and Ice doing great with agility
Please note this 'Ice" is not one of the puppies listed for sale

The first snow of 2008 Here are Cloud Walker Kennel
and my first experience with You Tube??
Takaani helping was the car
Links of our past puppies in their new homes
and Laptop puppies is so funny
Juno and Thor are having a blast
I on the other hand worry about Patty's laptop!
the Agile Eskie and his owner in the
clip to the left is  are Carla-Rae and Rascal
and a Clip of Mikko waiting for his 3rd Christmas present!

Flooding in Des Arc
We broke records here this week
for amount of water and flood stage
some of you know where I live and some of you dont
here is a little viedo of the after math of the water and
how close it came to our house
I was trapped at work and couldnt get home to the dogs
Husband was here can could see but all I was getting was "reports" I drove him crazy with phone calls about
"Put the dogs here!! The Crates for every one is here"
Finally he told me he was a big boy and could take care of it NOT to worry (Well you can imigine I was over the edge!)
Check out the wonderful progress clip that Kelsey and Trey has done of their babies, Saja and Shinji...