Almeda at 14 weeks
Kid Testing
Pixie and her new best friend about 6 months old
Now I thought I spoiled my puppies but look what Grace has done to Yoshi, I had the pleasure of taking Yoshi all the way to Las Vegas to meet with his new parents
Check out his website. Not only to see one of my puppies but to say Hi to Grace, Dan, and Yoshi at www.mydogYoshi.com

Buffy at 12 weeks in OK she is a Powder/Duke puppy
Yoshi is a Poo/Tuck Puppy
Roxy at 9 weeks
MO-GI in Wisconsin
Mo-Gi and Oh'Riley
Now I have proof other than my own statement about cat approved Mo-G and his friend Oh' Riley are having a grand time in their new home!
Just a few of the puppies we have had here
to see more puppies in their new homes
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Nothong but Air For ICE
pup in a bucket
sufer dog