As a breeder I am always looking for a nice dog! naturally we cant continue the "Cloud Walker Kennel"
with out another dog
in the beginning I wanted to save them all
(don't we all)
So when Jane called me and said she had dogs for sale she had decided to sell her  Eskimos
I said well I could look at a couple
(Bought all of them)
Zelda was one of the "ALL"
she was 6 years old when she came to Cloud Walker and any one who knows American Eskimo dogs understands this is a dog that is already set in her ways and comes with a car load of baggage
While Jane took great care of her dogs she to is a breeder and has a kennel.
Zelda was never treated as a house dog or as a pet she was a "working girl" and took care of business of producing sweet babies
IN purchasing Zelda I knew that her days of production where close at a end but just felt
she needed more than just "Retirement"
so she made the long trip to her new home here
Once again she was treated well lots of play time, lots of interaction with the other dogs
grooming and good food but still not a house dog not a pet. She produced me a wonderful litter of puppies in the year she was here
but as she reached the age of 7 she was retired and spayed
(Still bless her heart NOT a house dog not a pet)
Zelda has the baggage remember
She had a little shy temperament, always looking like she wanted to be involved with the family adventures but still standoffish
I was afraid too shy to adopt out so I had decided that maybe it would be best if she just stayed here to live out her days as part of the "old crew" (Still not a house dog and not a pet)
Well here comes Laura and Kevin after their adventure with Mistianne and the heartache of loss they wanted another dog and it had to be an Eskimo!
I suggested an older dog not thinking of Zelda at the time (Still not a house dog not a pet)
well a love affair has been born
after long thoughts and lots of conversations
phone calls emails and prayer
Zelda IS A HOUSE DOG AND IS A PET!!!!!!!!!
with a wonderful family who loves her very much and takes excellent care of her (yes I hate to admit it but better than I ever could)
Here are clips and stories of Zelda in her new home with her family members Smoky-Dakota Joe- and Serria Rose (oh yea Kevin and Laura live there to!)
Now understand that Zelda at 7 years old carried lots of baggage, was quite shy in temperament, and while friendly with other dogs she had concern of humans most of the notes are from with in the week of her placement in her new home (IM AMAZED)
Read her story

              You only wanted somone
               to love you the way that
                you wanted them too
                They tried and they tried
                 but you were to shy.You 're the best
                 best tail wagger in town.  Little did
                 anyone know you'd soon come

            WE TOOK YOU HOME GAVE                                  YOU SOME
                 bones, some hugs and some love
                  and we spoil you so. Love you more
                 than you'll ever know. welcome to
                 our loving home

                 you are one of our special precious
                  angels our beautiful American

All contents below are from Laura Poems and picutres and notes
                           .OUR DEAREST ESKIMOS
                         Kevin and Laura had some Eskimos                                  some Eskimos
                         some Eskimos Kevin and Laura had                                    some Eskimos
                          they loved very much.
                         Zelda, DakotaJoe, SierraRose
                         and Smokey was their names.
                         They drank and they ate, they played and                            they
                         dug.Then they snored and then they dug                            some more

                         Kevin and Laura had some Eskimos                                 some Eskimos some
                         Eskimos Kevin and Laura had some                                  Eskimos and that's just what they did
When my husband Kevin and I went to bed Zelda followed us and hoped right on the bed and layed down next to me .well i was half asleep after awhille and I felt ths paw go around me it was zelda she had put her paws around me as i was laying there almost asleep.Im so happy that she is such a happy dog and getting more outgoing each day

Lauradated the week after she                                                     went to her new home
Zelda on the right
Pet at Last
Zelda on the right
yes we are happy with our dogs but smokey I was happy with my first American Eskimo smokey when i got him at a petstore.  When i first decided to check out looking for a breeder who sells American Eskimos no one i called got back to me and others my sister had gotten dogs from she has mentioned never cared to keep in touch with her to see how the dogs were doing. she never heard from them again .  Sure a good and responsible person who breeds dogs is supposed to keep in touch and check see how their dogs are doing but past experience has told me and showed to me that not many do.when kevin and i first went looking around to see who all bred American Eskimos no ne got back with us you did.  you cared and talked with us a lot as a person who breeds dogs should when someone is thinking about buying a dog .  However when we go Mistianne and Dakota you kept in touch of course to see how they were doing and welcomed emails and phone calls. When Mistianne died it crushed me. I was in shock for a great fewdays. You took the time too call me and even sent flowers which you didn't hav to do but of course she was one of the puppies from one of your dogs you breed so naturally you felt our pain. most people wouldn't think to do that.  It really helped me get over the shock of losing two dogs one after other even though i lost them few months apart from each other. because you were there for me and always have kept in touch i am forever grateful

sorry for long email  this just sums up everything in a nutshell so hopefully now you understand why you are such a special person to us and Kevin and I hold you in such hi regards and Admiration

love Kevin and Laura