Hi Ramona
I know you will be  frequent guest here at this page
After all this time and the emails!
the pictures shared!!
the stories told, the trips and the adventures I feel its time for Zoë to have her own page
while she will have to share it with her new brother we all know it belongs to Zoë.
So let me tell you a little about Zoë, Ramona and now Ziggy
Shaved!! Oh the Shame!
Zoë is from Gabby and Gump
my first ever litter of puppies offered to the public
while Elizabeth did purchase Tucker first
Ramona picked Zoë up first
so She was my first to leave home
and adventure out into the big wide world!
you know how you feel about your first born!
I badgered Ramona  with questions of how was she doing and she was very kind to treat me with kid gloves (as she knew she wasnt giving Zoe back) and told me all was well with my first born!
Zoë is 26 pounds (too much late night ice cream) and about 18" tall. Just a bit more than a lap dog but don't tell her thatlol

Tell me again about the unconditional return policy. It has been raining here for a week. Miss Zoë had herself a ball while I was at work. She dug a nice big muddy hole out in the yard and then proceeded to do a war dance in the middle of my bed! How in the world did she get so many paws prints on my bed? It must have taken her all daylol. Oh, by the way, wasn't enough she did it on my white spread, she threw it off and did both the top and bottom sheets too. Let's not forget the muddy trail through the whole house for her to accomplish this. Was that doggy door such a good idea? Then when I come home to see the mess she just tilts that sweet little face to the side and says "what, did I do that?" We almost had doggy stewlol!

Hope all is going well.

(shared and created by Ramona)
Sung to Mary had a little Lamb:  

Ramona had Princess Zoë,
Princess Zoë,
Princess Zoë,
Ramona Had Princess Zoë
And Zoë was spoiled you know.

Zoë said I need a friend,
Need a friend,
Need a Friend,
Zoë said I need a friend,
And Lauraye sent Ziggy home.

Ziggy and Zoë dug in the yard
Dug in the Yard,
Dug in The Yard,
Ziggy and Zoë dug in the yard
And made Mommy say "Oh No"

Mommy got the clippers out
Clippers out,
Clippers out,
Mommy got the clippers out,
And they are muddy no more!

Ziggy and Zoë have no hair
Have no Hair
Have no Hair
Ziggy and Zoë have no hair
And look like little lambslol!
In the beginning I never seen Pictures of Zoë and was beginning to wonder about my choice of placement in my special first born puppy
well much to my surprise it wasn't because there was any thing wrong
Ramona was just to busy building
things to keep Zoë happy
(Something about a 700.00 fine if the dog didn't stop her barking)
So Ramona Built a fence, and Ramona put in a doggie door,
and Ramona installed a pool
And Zoë continued to bark
well of course she didn't have time to tell me how much she loved her new puppy (Well I think she was afraid of the "words" she would use in Zoë description???
As time has passed
Ramona has spent more than the 700.00 fine in making life for"Queen" Zoë the perfect pet place!
and Ramona minds well after all Zoë's hard work in getting her trained!

It has now been 2 years since
Zoë went to Ramona's and got her on the right path to being a Super Mom in the pet department
Now we have added Ziggy to the family and I thank Ramona and Zoë in helping with Ziggy
I was asked to take a Puppy back for general puppy reason
and when I asked Ramona if she would pick puppy up for me till I could make arrangements for him
knowing How much Zoë wanted a brother or sister.
I was being a little sneaky there and knew once Zoë got her paws on Ziggy he would never need another home!!! (YEP RAMONA I CHEATED)
Now the life of 2 rambunctious dogs have taken over Ramona's world and
I think they will train her well 
Over the past years
Ramona has offered her home in making transitions to and from the airport, and remember 8 week old puppies aren't house broken, offered a bed to sleep in, good Irish coffee
driven me all over the place since I'm a big chicken driving in traffic, '
Bought me lunch, even allowed me to drag her to a dog show. made me cookies, Made pretty collars for my dogs, offered advice on the webpage
(Can we say spell check)
presented me with some quite cute pictures of a shaved Eskimo
(Even though I told her I don't recommend it! HA!) Phone calls and emails shared stories
Kept me up dated on Zoë's progress
offered wonderful references to others interested in one of my puppies
and become a great friend.
While I also feel that I am friends with all my puppy people I think again there is that first born bond going here and I want to take the time to thank Ramona and Zoë and now Ziggy for giving me a new friend!
She has even given me permission to allow any one wanting to ask about American Eskimos as a pet or even me as a breeder to be able to contact her so feel free to send her a email
Zoe 6 months
Zig, Zig, Zig-A-Roo

Faster than a speeding mouse. Able to leap tall couch's in a single bound.

Look out in the yard! It's a sock. It's a shoe. No, It's Zig-A-Roo!

Can you believe our little man is a year old? This little guy has so much personality. It seems that he is always smiling and up to mischief. It just seems like it was yesterday that I picked up that squirming (car sick) little puppy. From the very beginning he gave me that warm all over feeling (puked in my lap).

He is such a quick learner, Zoë taught him to dig under the fence in less than a day! Ziggy and I had so much fun nailing chicken wire to the fence so the little escape artist stayed in his own yard. I still can't believe how he was out gallivanting the neighborhood while I was at work and then sitting in the window wagging his tail when I returned home. "See mom, I am such a good boy!", too bad the neighbor snitched on him!

Summer was such fun. Ziggy loved the pool but sank like a rock. Did that stop him? No, he found the stairs and there you could find him wading and basking in the sun. Of course if a float came by Ziggy was sure to hop a ride so he could float around the pool. He was mighty dapper looking in his bright orange life vest. I just love the smell of wet dogs.

Now let's talk about the $100 dollars I paid for puppy classes. You know it is a lost cause when the trainer looks at you and says, "He is very food oriented isn't he?"  There is nothing like watching Ziggy when a treat is near by. Sit, your joking! I can see that Pup-a-roni in your hand. Me, me, me, me! Now I don't blame this on Ziggy. You have to remember that he is in competition with Zoë for the treats. Ziggy will never win any obedience awards (totally my fault) but we love our little retard!

I have to say he has changed my life in the past year. I have learned to sleep on three inches of bed (Ziggy and Zoë need their room to stretch out). I wake to Ziggy jumping on my chest so I will get up to give him his morning treat. Then I make sure I have a good hand hold on something so he doesn't knock me down as he races for the kitchen. Yes, my life consists of working so I can keep Ziggy and Zoë in dog treats.

What does Zoë think of her little brother? "Mom, he follows me everywhere!" He has been Zoë's little shadow from the moment we brought him home. They are a constant ball of tumbling fur as they play together. They play until they absolutely fall over from exhaustion.

I just want to say thank you for Ziggy. You let him come to my home even after seeing how I totally spoiled Zoë. Yes, Ziggy could have been a champion. He is smart and has such good form. Instead though, you have allowed me into making him my retarded little man. December 6, 2006, Happy first Birthday Ziggy!


New fence after nuisance barking notice $1500.00

White leather couch with mud prints and ink stains $800.00

12 pairs of chewed shoes $360.00

Annual trips to the vet $240.00

Doggy Treats $1600.00

Ziggy and Zoë kisses at 4:30 am..Priceless

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Or Cloud Walker Kennel