Cat attack
Raid the Fridge
House hold Chores
Bella Wink
Naps and Chair Hog!
they go to school
What are our dogs up to??
What do puppies do best?
What can I expect from my new dog??
well check out the picture and see for yourself
these are some of our 2007 models!
They help with house hold chores
and Raid the Fridge
Keep the Cat in Line
Go Swimming an to school
Prepare for Holidays
play in the mud
and sand
Have special houses
Hog your chair for photo op's
Let's not forget "Wink"
at us!
Have big family members
We think are grand!
Bond so we act silly!
We travel well and like our Vacations
We like the toys
you have for us!
Naps are very important
BUT for the most Part
we just like "Being CUTE"!
or bark to get our way
Elle Mae
Pose for our
Nanuk & Sialuk
Hang out at the park or just get dirty
Congrats Trey and Kelsey
Become part of our  engagement photos

Dress us in
silly costumes
Juno and Thor 5 mths