Comments from NEW puppy owners
some new references
In Missouri

Hi,been busy with my horse,it has been sunny warm here more then a week,,,,,,,,,a godsend for donkey,,,,,,,,,who is 2x better,,,,,,,,,,,,,,////   mori is super  and we feel  that   we really got our moneys worth and it is prove to be that you  are doing it right,,,,,,,,,,,,,she is balanced emotionally  which  is something bred for but proofs in pudding kinda thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,emotional balance is something  I strive for in pups,,,,,,,,,,ie  its a crazy world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mori  is warming up  and we have given her space and time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,little if any demands,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just play,,,,,play  play,,,,,,,,the I gotta bite your  game        or I gotta run over top you          or my  favorite     look  at me  I got something  you  don't  game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you know  people stuff,,,,,,,,//////////   hee  hee     food for thought   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,gotta go           will not stop writing   as we are friends,,,,,,,,,,tim
Zoe is now 4 years old (march 2008
From Ramona,
I adopted Zoë from Lauraye last April. Zoë will be a year old on March 4th. I say adopted because it was and has been much more than a purchase. Lauraye and I are still in contact and we pass information on Zoë to this day. I receive updates on Zoë parents and the other "Babies" at Lauraye's home.

I made the 4 hour trip to Cloud Walker Kennels when I went to get Zoë. I was very impressed. The puppies were kenneled on the sun porch of her home. It was very clean and organized. You could tell that the puppies had been played with and had lots of time to socialize. Lauraye took me on a tour of her Kennels. I believe she wanted to make sure I was going to be a good parent as much as she wanted to show that I was receiving a pup from a reputable kennel.

Her dogs have a very large area to exercise in and they were out and playing when I arrived. The kennel itself is the size of a small house with both heating and air conditioning. The kennels were spotless. You could tell that these were pets and not just breeding dogs. Each was treated as a baby and they were pleased to see her. The dogs have a very gentle nature and were not aggressive when I went into their area.

Lauraye spent the better part of an hour letting me inspect the kennels and play with my new puppy. She answered all my questions about the health and shots of the puppy. Zoë had been micro chipped before my arrival. She presented me with a "baby bag" to take Zoë home with. I was very touched. The bag included a little blanket, a soft toy, food, treats, bottled water, and a book with Zoë's baby pictures, medical notes, papers and information on American Eskimos and puppies in general. Even before I made the trip, Lauraye made sure that I had a kennel to drive the puppy safely home in.

Zoë adjusted well to her new home and was house broke within a matter of weeks. We have not had any problems with her health. She has a very gentle disposition and is non aggressive. She is clever, quizzical and a bit spoiled.  Zoë has the soft, slicker coat. I took Zoë to puppy classes at Pet Smart where she excelled. She is very bright and catches on quickly. Her only downside is that she is a bit of a barker and has a shoe fetish.

I have previously had four other American Eskimo's. The last lived to be 15. Having a history with these dogs I can tell you that Zoë is a very good dog. I would purchase another pup from Lauraye if anything ever happened to Zoë. I highly recommend Lauraye and Cloud Walker Kennel.  If I can provide any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ramona Gant

on a PS Ramona has adopted another dog from us, Ziggy is her second Cloud Walker Kennel dog
and he is full of him self living the life of spoiled dog to the max!
Roxy slept all night last night in her kennell and then whined a little at 5 this morning, I let her out and she went outside just like a good girl! She then took a little nap on the floor next to our bed for a couple more hours. Now we are up and playing with her toys! She went once in the house last night, but I can't tell when she needs to got until she starts going. Last night I think maybe she was just so excited about the new place that she didn't  care! She was playing with my dad's dog last night and seems not to be afraid of anything!She is also a sweetheart though and likes to cuddle up especially when she is tired. We used so many search places to find the perfect place I don't remember which one we found you on. A puppy search site of some sort. I found your kennel to be very clean and I could tell that you love every one of your dogs and take very good care of them. I have been to several other kennels and not been impressed with them, but your dogs all looked healthy and loved and well taken care of. The housing you provided was much more adequate than other kennel I have seen. As far as I can tell so far you gave me a very good description of our Puppy. She is perfect and I can see why you were sad to let her go. Her temperment seems to be just as you described. I would most deffinitely recommend a puppy from you to anyone I thought would be able to take as good of care of them as they deserve. I am so impressed with the breed! She is the most perfect dog I could ever ask for. Smart too. I was very glad that we chose to get a puppy from your kennel, we had found others with puppies that would have been born sooner and were closer to us but we chose to drive 6hrs to your place and get the puppy 5 weeks later because of the way you talked about your puppies. We could tell that you loved them and that they would get a lot of care and attention until we could have her. We were so right are so happy with the way she turned out. I would be happy to share with anyone how great Roxy is!!!!! ( if we ever want a friend for Roxy, we will deffinitely get him from you!) I will send you many pictures as well! Roxy has exceeded our expectations and I would be happy to let any of your potential customers know what I great environment you raise your puppies in and how great the actual breed is!
Thanks for everything!
-more later


Visit Yoshi and Grace at his new home
Hi Lauraye,

I could not be happier with Tucker--he is absolutely a wonderful puppy.
  He's smart and engaged with people and learns quickly and is very
sweet and not at all aggressive.  He's also the right amount of
protective of me and Brandon.  We adore him--he's our first-born!!  He
goes everywhere with us that we can take him.  I've attached some pics
to try to show you some of the adventures Tucker has had in the last
few months and to show you what a great, laid-back puppy he is around
people and how much fun he is having.  Everyone who meets him just
loves him so much.  My mom is actually thinking about getting an Eskie
for herself after she retires this summer.  The only thing that I would
emphasize to prospective buyers is that the Eskie is a watchdog, and
this means that they bark a lot whenever they hear noises--cars, birds,
etc.  This does not bother me at all (I wanted a watchdog), but I would
just hate to see one of these sweet wonderful dogs fall into the hands
of someone who was not nice to them because of the barking or who gave
them away because of it.  Tucker is just so sweet and sensitive, and
I'm sure most Eskies are too, and it breaks my heart to think of one of
these puppies going to the wrong home.  We've had no health problems at
all.  We neutered Tucker a couple of months ago, and he seems happier
now (one of Brandon's parents' golden retrievers was in heat and he
just went crazy every time we brought him over to their house!!!)  i
was concerned about him running off to try to find a mate since there
are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood.  Thanks for the check-in.
Elizabeth and Tucker

Lauraye, Max is doing great.  We are all very happy to
have him as part of our family.  He is very active but
has his moments (usually in the morning) where he is
more affectionate and calmer (more cuddley).  He is
very smart too.  Any time I try to teach him a new
trick, he learns it in one day or less.  When I watch
him prance around the backyard, he looks like such a
champion (must be that good breeding).  Thank you so
much for that initial e-mail to me in response to
looking for an American Eskimo.  I'm still very
grateful for you.  I will try to remember to take
pictures of Max for you and send them by snail mail or
through e-mail.  It's hard to believe that he is
almost a year old.  Sincerely, Barb and the

HAPPY NEW YEAR! even if it is a little late
Kitkat and i have had a wonderful time so far, even when he hordes all my
sock mates under the bed!  His new trick is to open the apartment front door
so we have to keep it locked because everytime he sees one of coming out of
our cars thru the window he opens the door to get to the outer building door
to greet us! When i had gotten kitkat i was worried that he would not get
along with my fiance and his two dogs but after a month of spending weekends
with them here the dogs are inseprable when together as well as any of the
neighboring dogs who are outside and wish to play with him! There is an odd
thing about him that i havent quite figured out yet and that is that he
takes to men quicker than any of my girlfriends.  especially when my
roommates boyfriend comes over our dogs desert us and go for him till he
leaves then its like oh you are left ok i will cuddle now.
oh ya, kitkat will soon be getting a new buddy around may.  His name is Max
and he is a long hair seal gray cat that is almost as large as kitkat
himself!  the story on max is when i left wichita to come and get kitkat
from youway back in Aug, max was dropped off to board for two weeks, that
turned into a month and is still there now at the kennel. My boss, Dr.
Cederberg has started abandonment procedures and called to tell me that when
all the paper work is done with that i would be getting ownership of max due
to the vote by my coworkers saying that i would be a great new mom for him!
i am blessed that these friends of mine think so highly of me as well i
I have taken kitkat there after hours to hang out with max before telling
Dr. Cederberg that i would or would not take him. I wanted to make sure they
got along because i wasnt going to even think about giving my baby up! They
actually love eachother, when Max sees me and kit thru the cat kennel
windows he starts going crazy in his cage and now all i have to say to
kitkat is "where's Maxie?" and kit starts looking thru all the windows and
rooms to find him or when we show up at the kennel he howls at the cat door
to make me get max first before i do anything else. it is funny to see a dog
and a cat to wrestle and play like two dogs are playing.  They are indeed
two peas ina pod.  If you want i can get a digital picture of max and kitkat
together and send it to you. just let me know.  Also, Since i am getting
married in december of this year Kitkat is going to be the ring bearer!!! my
fiance's choice over his nephew, lol.  he says that my dog behaves better
than his nephew does.

well gotta go and do homework. thank you so much for Kitkat he is a blessing
to have and a joy to live with.


As for Miss Zoë

Zoë decided Eyeore looks better with the stuffing on the outside, so she ate him.
Zoë decided my bras are past their prime, so she ate them.
Zoë decided we need to learn to put our shoes away, so she ate them.
Zoë decided the trash was to fullso she ate the paper.
Zoë decided she looks better being greenso she ate a green flair.
Zoë decided my white leather couched need cleaning, so she jumped on it with green ink feet
Zoë decided the floors needed washed too, so she ran through the whole house with green feet.
Zoë decided the kitty needed washing too, so she rolled the kitty in the mud.
Zoë decided something else needed to be ate but we don't know what. All we know is it gave her gas so bad she was farting out loud and the house needs to be aired!
Zoë makes sure I don't sleep past 4 a.m., she needs her hugs, belly rubs and morning treats.
Zoë tells all the world she is happy, bark, bark, bark!
Zoë brings me lots of presents (frozen cat turds).
Zoë makes sure my eyes don't get tired, she lays in my book, on my chest, with her nose in my eye when I am trying to read.
Zoë thinks opening the freezer means it is ice cream timeand yes, she gets hers first.
Zoë makes sure I get my exercise, I race her to the doggy door before she can get out with whatever she has snitched.
Happy First Birthday Miss Zoë!
Can you see why I love her so much!

Alicia and Mogi 2005
I have always felt that my Eskimos where a Gift from God
K Kearney has just reinforced this idea.
Her Beloved daughter Alicia was killed in a car accident just 4 days after graduation, she sent me this picture and express what a God send Mogi  has been, He was Alicia's dog and Mogi has helped during this tragic and heartbreaking time for them
I pray that he continues to be comfort to them and that God will give them the Peace that is needed to get thru the lost of a precious child (2005)
Hi Lauraye

Well things seem to be going as expected with our Lilly.  She is eating,chewing,pooping and peeing.  Everything a puppy should do. I'm very anxious for the day when she comes to us and cries to be left out to go. (which I don't expect to happen real soon)  We've decided she is a bit head strong and shows us her attitude quite often when it comes to getting her own way.  As far as a name.........we call her  "Lilly" and think her formal name is going to be Pete's Princess Lilly. After much discussion from each family member that's kinda what we decided, hopefully it doesn't change.
To answer your questions about the purchase of Lilly, I must admit I was very apprehensive at first, but over the months of communication through the pregnancy I became very confident and comfortable that your kennel was everything I'd hoped it to be and you really were an honest business person and not a rip off scam.We really enjoyed all the updates you sent us. With us being so far apart it sometimes  made it seem like we were actually there. All the pictures of the previous liters, backgrounds and personal info about you on your web site really helped confirm your sincerity. There is no doubt I would highly recommend you and your puppies to any prospective buyers, in fact my daughter Ashley has already mentioned when she gets a place of her own she would love to have a puppy just like "Lil". Although Lilly's flight to us was much longer than expected (due to mechanical plane problems beyond anyone's control) she did arrive in very good condition in a very safe crate with extra food and water. So.........I guess you could say we are very pleased with you and your darling puppies (attitudes and all).  Thanks so much for sharing her with us....
As far as we are concerned everything was just fine we had all of the
information we needed and you were always there to answer any questions
we had. YES we would recommend you to future puppy owners. The shipping
experience was great the plane came in 10 minutes early and we were on
our way home buy the time she was suppose to land. Everything you said
about your kennel and the puppy was great.. The puppy is everything you
said and more, she sure does have a great personality. her call name is
Roxie we have't given any thought to a full name yet, we can let you
know when we have. any suggestions?
You have been a wealth of information.
I felt like I was there every step of the way.
The only things that I would suggest would be a recommended reading list so people can read a few books from different schools of thought on things like house-training, crate-training, etc. The other thing would be a quick do's and don'ts list. For example, I would never have thought that going to a park would be a bad thing, or that the walk was too long.
The cdrom gives a really good understanding of the care given to the pups.
Undoubtedly! Giles is a wonderful, cute, sweet, adorable puppy. He has a few issues to work out, like the biting, but that will be resolved through training. He will be the perfect companion to us, and a wonderful friend to Alexis.

here let me note the biting Ken is refering to is the mouthing that puppies
do! Not aggresion Alexis is 3 years old and such a sweet child that Pups little teeth could hurt her even in play so we had to get right on this item

So glad to hear from you.  Sorry we havn't kept in touch.  Our Puppy is wonderful!!! We named her "SESI" (SNOW in eskimo).  She is growing and growing.  She now weighs 11.5 lbs.  She sleeps in bed with Mommy and Daddy every night (most of the time on my pillow on top of my head).  The nurses and doctor at our vet clinic just love her.  As a matter of fact, the people at the Courthouse, Dollar General Store, Bible Book Store, Two Salons, Walgreens, Pitching academy,  my office and Grandma's office all adore her.  She has many homes away from home.  Blake leaves for work every day @ 1:15, one of her Grandmas or Aunts pick her up when they get Lenzi from school at 3:00.  She stays there until Mommy gets off of work at 5:00.  She also goes in the neighbor's house for visits with their mini schnauzer, Norm.  She has been a wonderful addition to all of our families.  She has already brought so much joy to us.  She is the smartest little thing.  From the very first day she came home, she would go to the bathroom just as soon as she got outside (sometimes even on the driveway).  The vet can't  believe how well she's done.  Lenzi and her play until they can't hardly go.  I still miss Pasha every day, but I don't know how I would have made it without Sesi.  She brings excitement, fun and that special Eskie love into our home (never a dull moment).  THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU for our cherished new family member.  In answer to your question, in case you can't tell, she is VERY spoiled.
Hello all, I am Jackson's new mom. Thank you for your emails, it is great to hear how Jackson's siblings are doing. He is a wonderfully healthy, big boy who loves people and playing. He is getting large and while it is hard to get him to stand still to measure him I am pretty sure it said 13 and 1/2 inches. He weighs about 10 pounds and the vet says he is one of the healthiest puppies she has seen. He is very popular there and everywhere else he goes. His best doggie friends are my best friend's boxer puppy who he wears out, and the big dog next door who laughs ( I swear) at his antics. There is even another eskie one yard over. Jackson has been the easiest dog to potty train I have ever owned. He knows sit, stay, and down. We are going to kindergarten soon, we just want to go in our new town whenever we get there. Last night he saved me from a very mean loaf of bread that had fallen out of the cabinet. He is the most obedient, sweetest, smartest dog around and everyone he meets falls instantly in love. I work part time right now so we get to spend a lot of time together. He is my only child right now but when we get wherever we are going we will get a brother or sister for him. I would also like to try some agility classes just for fun. I am sorry about the lengthy letter I just find it impossible to keep it short when it comes to my baby.  Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks, Lori
Read text below to hear update on Giles and his protectiveness of Alexis LINK
Giles update
One great story is that he will protect Alexis on command. We were at the park last weekend (60 degrees and sunny in January....), and Alexis, Giles and I were running around (Giles on leash, of course). Alexis decided that she wanted to run to the other side of the park. When she got about 100 feet away, she laid down on the ground for a "nap". I let go of Giles' leash, and he just sort of looked at me. I looked at him and said "Go protect Alexis". He ran full speed accross the parked, stopped about 6 inches from her, sniffed around her, walked around her, and stepped carefully over her so that she was undernieth him. He stayed there until I walked over and took his leash. He may be shy and timid, but I know that he will never let anything happen to his girl! :-)

Updates from the Kearney's They have just adopted Josh
to go along with Mogi! Now how proud can I be to have 2 dogs in this wonderful home!
check out these 2 on the where are they now page LINK

Oh, of course!!  She is currently sprawled out on my bed gnawing on a 'Bonz' stick!  My bed is now hers, and it's as if she rolls her eyes every night when she has to share it with me. :)

She feels comfortable being a little watchdog now too... and lets the visitors know she's here!  She actually likes going for walks around the grass, dances all around when I get my jacket on, and bounces along as long as I don't let the lead touch her too much. :)

She pretty much gets everything she wants, and rarely hangs out in her crate anymore!  So YEP!  Spoiled rotten, and apparently not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it either!!! ;)  She really has been a very good girl!!!  No behavior probs at all.  She finds it terribly entertaining to 'help' me make the bed by pulling the sheets off as I try to spread them on!  It's a very fun game to her! :)  She also has a rag toy that she loves to 'kill' by shaking it to pieces everyday.

She's a great little gal, and hopefully happy too!  I hope all is going well with her former buddies in MO!

Sebastiana and Angel
   As you know Butch & I visited the kennel over the weekend to look at the puppies.  We found everything to be nice and homey for all the dogs.  It's clean and is a very healthy environment.  These animals are content and happy -- it shows.  The dogs are friendly and like to play with each other and like to have attention from others -- and they get it.  We were very pleased.  Lauraye's love of her kennel and animals is obvious.  She should be very proud of her work -- because she does it well. 

Below is a copy of our note after our visit -- you may get a feel of our happiness --

-- kath --
Kathy Unwin

   We had a great visit -  we enjoyed every moment.  The puppies are so_o_o_o_o_o  cute, but the others are just as precious.  We enjoyed meeting both Gump and Suzie -- they are perfect dogs.  Suzie is the perfect mom and she was very friendly to us. 
   What we enjoyed most was YOU!!  Your enthusiasm for the dogs and the care you need to give shows not just in your kennel -- but in your animals.  The dogs are content and amazingly play so well with one another.  I think you have made a happy home and these Eskies are lucky to have a Great Mom.  GOOD JOB !!
   Now we are busy testing names -- our Powder (Powderkeg) -- was named after a ski run in Park City, Utah.  Then it seemed a perfect name for our snowball at 8 weeks.
   Needless to say we are excited and happy -- the next four/five weeks are going to be full of anticipation.  Thanks for your tour and welcoming mat -- we had a great time and are looking forward to another visit soon -- maybe we'll come down again before pickup day to see the progress. 

-- kath --

PS   We blew it -- we should have taken pictures of either one of us holding the pups -- what dummies --   BY THE WAY -- WE THOUGHT WE SAID WE WOULD TAKE THE PUPPY WITH THE BLACK NOSE (ha - ha - ha)  ---  Hope all goes well with your other new pup --

Thanks again  --
As a breeder of these or any fine animal you should have a
primary Vet and back up (they have to have vacation to)
My Primary Vet is Dr Stanley Potter DVM
he has been my vet forever and has been with me thru some rough times with my dogs and of course my cats and years ago with my horse
You may also contact him about my Crew or dogs? Me for  a personal reference? or my Kennel (he does my inspecation) his
Ellington Office phone is 573-663-7131
or his Piedmont office    573-223-2413
Remember he still makes house calls so be ready to wait till he is back in the office
I have to say I have had the BEST experience with Lauraye, she has been so helpful throughout the entire process- I have been in touch with her since the puppies were about 2 or 3 weeks old.  And our puppy- Milla- she is just beautiful.  Shes got a WONDERFUL temperament!  I was so impressed with this puppy.  Its always a little nerve wrecking when you can't actually go and take a look at the puppy and see the place where she's lived and her parents and all.  You are completely relying on whomever your corresponding with- and in this case Lauraye was completely honest and right on with this girl right from the beginning.  I would recommend her to anyone, and I would consider buying another puppy from her in the future as well!
Our girl is doing very well in our home now.  We have 4 young kids, the oldest being 5 1/2 yrs and the youngest being 7 mos, and they all love her more than you could imagine- and she is so patient and relaxed with them.  She's even on their schedule- she sleeps when they sleep, etc.  We take her out in public with us whenever we are going to be gone more than an hour or so- and she is such a good public dog.  She never tries to run off or starts getting all hyper or anything- she loves to just see the new people and places we go.  I think we get more attention with her than we ever got with any of our four babies!  People are always wanting to know what kind of dog she is, and are just amazed at how beautiful she is, and how much she looks like a tiny little polar bear!  Shes very friendly to new people and other dogs, but by no means shy or timid.  I know she is going to be a smart girl.  We are working on the potty training- which I must say- is not easy.  But slowly we are getting better.  We are paper training her- and so far, at night she does it perfectly- during the day- she gets busy and doesn't remember where to go- but really she's still way to young I think.  She loves getting baths, and has a beautiful white coat (I know Lauraye said she has some cream in it- but I can hardly see it - not that Im an expert or anything)  And another concern we had had before getting her was a rust colored stain around her nose and mouth- and we can hardly see that either- if I hadnt seen pics before I never would have known.
Well- let me know if you have ANY questions, Id be happy to try and answer.  Or if you'd like to keep in touch, just to see how things are going that's fine too!

I just wanted to tell you that Kevin and I appreciate everything you have done for us. we are honored to have met you. I am honored to have met such a wonderful and as special of a person as you.  Not very many breeders take the time to make sure their dogs are as happy and healthy. Not many breeders take the time to really make sure who they are giving their animals too.Not very many people take the time to care about the people who get their dogs. I'm blessed and honored to have met you. I admire your kindness towards everyone and your dedication and hard work that you bring to your dogs you breed. especially having to work too. We recommend you to everyone around us that wants an Eskimo  and in future and long run take any Eskimo you are ready to retire when you are ready.

Thanks again for everything you have done for us.
God Bless you in everything you do in life
your #1 breeder and special person in our eyes

Love Always Kevin and Laura
Kevin and Laura had one of my puppies
that we lost during a spay surgery
she had a reaction and never came out of recovery
they are now the proud owners of 3 of my dogs
not only do they have 2 little guys they also
adopted Zelda who needed a family to give her lots of attention in her retirement and I do have to say
Laura and Kevin have done this! Zelda settled in with in the week
Way to go you 2!

Here is another note from
Kevin and Laura
They make me sound like I really am all that special but I think they are just very happy with their dogs
Please visit Zelda's story
and how she came ot be with Kevin and Laura

     As you know many people come in and out of our lives all the
     time at different times in our lives for many reasons. I just wanted
     to say how blessed Kevin and I are to have come across in our
     lives such a wonderful  breeder and person as you.   God blessed
    with  the gift of precious angels American Eskimos and especially
    blessed us when he brought to us such a wonderful breeder and
     wonderful person. I know i have mentioned this many times
    before, however we just can't  tell you enough how thankful we
  are and how much admiration and respect we have for you both as
   a breeder and a wonderful kind and caring person.
   Love Kevin and Laura
Jeremy and I talked about a toy sized pup and I told him what you told me about maybe going with another breeder.  Jeremy is set on getting a pup from you, even if it means we have to wait.  Buddy is just SO wonderful and we just don't want to compromise on quality or personality.  That might be a risk with someone else, but not with you.  (Personality is most important because we want companions.)  Buddy has so much personality and we know it comes from love.  You give your dogs as much love as we do, so we can wait.  I hope you can understand our feelings about that. 
Cari-Ann       07-31-06
Hi Lauraye,
Louie had his first birthday about a month ago, and I wanted to let you know what a GREAT doggie he has turned out to be. In fact, he's just
incredible - smart, sweet, silly, social, affectionate, obedient. Wow -
I am so glad and grateful to have him in my life, and grateful to you for encouraging me and reassuring me that he would turn out well.He is such a delight to all my friends and family. He loves to perform the tricks I've taught him, and he is so playful when it's playtime, and great to nap with when it's time to rest. In  fact, recently he has earned to put himself to bed at naptime or at bedtime. Then later in the night (especially now that it is cooler) he will come sleep on my bed very quietly and doesn't stir until it's time for us to wake up.He's also so healthy and beautiful, and his biscuit cream spots have come out a bit more and make him so cute and distinguished. I take care to brush his teeth, clean his ears, bathe him when he needs it, wipe his eyes when he needs it, and thoroughly check him out while I am massaging him. He will even go get in the bathtub without any fuss and is so good while I am bathing him - he loves it almost as much as he loves getting his teeth brushed!
How are the other puppies from his litter getting along? I hope they are doing as well as Louie.As for me, I am almost finished with my chemotherapy treatments (next Wed. is the last one) and my doctor says I am doing great and that all my indicators show that I am doing very well. I'll have a few weeks of
radiation, and then I can carry on my normal life as before, although
I'll have checkups every three months for a while.

I hope you are doing well and keeping all those white doggies in line!
Take care,
Hi Lauraye!
Just thought I'd drop you a line and update you on our wonderful puppy.  Rascal, one of Gump and Sweetie's pups, is the best dog I've ever had.  I wish I had known about American Eskimo's a long time ago.  He has us totally wrapped around his little paw and we love every minute of it.  Half of the time he has us in stitches laughing at his silly antics and the other half the time he has us chasing him to retrieve something he's not supposed to have, that's his favorite game  catch me if you can  and we usually can't!  He graduated from puppy kindergarten tonight and he won both of the two awards, one for the fastest recall and the other for the fastest sit to a down.  He is one very smart puppy!  I don't know who was grinning bigger when they gave him his ribbons, me or him!  Eskimos definitely have a grin.  He usually grins when he knows he's done something really good or when he is about to get into some mischief, which is often.

I know when I was researching about Eskies, that I was concerned about their reputation about being aggressive and their excessive barking.  I haven't had one sign of any aggression.  He is such a gentle loving white fluff ball.  My vet is so impressed with his temperament that she wanted to know if I was going to breed him, but that's not for me.  I'll leave that to people like you who know what you're doing.  As far as the barking, I love the way he 'talks' to me to let me know about changes he thinks I need to know about in the surrounding environment.  He has different barks, a playful bark, annoy the cat bark, someone's at the door bark, and his alarm bark.  When he decides to sound his alarm he usually has good reason.  Twice, he has waked us up in the middle of the night with his alarm bark.  Both times a car was pulled off the road in front of the house.  The second time, as soon as he sounded his alarm the car out front sped away really fast.  We always reward him big time for his alarm barking. He is quite the protector of his family and home and we love him for it.  He goes to work with me and people often ask me if he ever barks.  He's really good for me at the office and is spoiled rotten by everyone, especially the UPS lady.  He loves her and the feeling is mutual.  She always brings him treats.  He only alarm barked once at work.  A man had come in the back door and I didn't know he had come up behind me.  Rascal didn't recognize him and he knew I didn't know he was there so he set off a big alarm.   He takes such good care of me!

Well, that's enough bragging for now.  Thanks again so much for our wonderful puppy.

Carla-Rae   "Thanks Carla for mentioning the bad rep Eskie have with the bark and aggression
Lauraye,                                    08-24-07
Glacie is doing terrific!  She will sometimes even put her paw on the back door when she needs to go out  and she's only 11 weeks!  She is so smart in so many ways!  She even goes off her leash at times for "Dad" (with careful supervision) b/c she listens so welI.  When she "nips" my daughter tells her "no, now I'll have to pick you up until you stop" and scoops her up and she stops.  Amazing!  I, for one, am thoroughly pleased.  You may choose to use or not use my story:
I am a stay-at-home mom with a 7 yr old son who asked every night, "When can I have a puppy?"  I was afraid of dogs as a child and never had any experience with dogs.  Recently, I babysat two small dogs and enjoyed their company.  Next, I found myself spending hours on the internet looking at pictures of dogs in animal shelters.  I always found myself looking at American Eskimos and Samoyeds.  Some time later we decided to adopt an 8 yr old Samoyed; she turned out to be very dog aggressive and I heartbreakingly had to give her back a week later b/c I feared being sued by other dog owners in my community (she would attack without warning) and I couldn't trust her around my children and cats
I found myself searching animal shelters even more.  I took a dog quiz on "" and the American  Eskimo dog fit all of my heart's desires.  I began searching for American Eskimo dogs in shelters and checking the newspaper want ads.  This breed is difficult to find in shelters, except for dogs with serious problems.  I knew as a new dog owner that now I had to be extremely careful about the personality of my dog.  I checked rescues as well, but no dogs were available that didn't have special needs.
Then I excitedly found an ad in our local paper  - pups only 1 hour away!  I called the owner, and just didn't feel the "comfort" about the dog's personality that I needed to be secure.  I didn't even go look at the pups; something just wasn't right.  Again, my children & cats had to be protected .
Through ""  I happily found Cloud Walker Kennel, as well as a few other breeders.  I read their sites and found myself coming back time and time again to Lauraye's site.  I felt like her site was "home".  I could feel how special her dogs were to her, and knew she would care for them as I care for my 3 children.  I was right!  I visited her kennel, 9 hours away, and it was worth it.  It was clean as a whistle and her babies were as sweet as pie.  I had read to be watchful for a mean "streak" in this breed and knew this place could offer nothing but little angels.  She even does her best to match people with the "best fit" from her litters  and does a great job  what an exceptional added benefit!
We are the proud new owners of a beautiful, sweet, and loving CWK pup! 

Lauraye, I find the puppy stage difficult b/c I'm new at it and I don't want to do anything wrong, but I can already tell that Glacie will be such wonderful company to me and my family and I'm so thankful for who you are and what you're about.  I am happy to give a reference or answer questions for anyone interested in CWK.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING and I'll be in touch.
Cheryl & Glacie & family

Lauraye,                      08-23-07

We just wanted to let you know that Phog is amazing.  We think he is a prodigy!!!  After only 3 days at home, he is 100% adjusted, with his tail up and curled and smiling all the time!  He loves his kennel, and he loves the cat!  Cat is coming around, and Phog loves to jump on him and bark and play!  He already can fetch, and tonight we took him on his first leash walk.  It was like he's done it his whole life!  He was just perfect--- we had anticipated just walking him around the yard with the leash, but he was ready to go full force around the block!  And not even 12 weeks until tomorrow!  And no problems with housebreaking, we just keep an eye on him and he is going just fine outside.  He still snorts like a little pig when he gets picked up, which everyone thinks is so cute.  Including us!  He is great around my mom's English Shephard and we have a date scheduled this Saturday with Frank's parents' shelties.  Puppy kindergarten begins in one week so he can get socialized with other puppies.  (Oh, and we have his 12 week appointment with our vet on Saturday.)  He is somewhat conservative with new people, but we are making sure that he meets as many people as possible because he is just so adorable!  My mom is already calling him her grandpuppy.

Just wanted to let you know that your dogs are the best.  We are simply thrilled with Phog and cannot believe how smart and easily trainable he is.  Thank you so much for taking care of your dogs so well and being such a great breeder.  We loved meeting you and could immediately tell how much you have invested in your Eskies.  We are so excited to have Phog as a part of our family--- he says hello, too!
Our little Princess is more lovable as each day passes.  At just under 3 months old she walks around so beautifully you'd think she knows she is an American Eskimo and is very proud of it. 

Sometimes love is more than we can put into words. 

I explained to our veterinarian that you encourage prospective adoptors to come and meet you and see your excellent kennel and the relatives of each puppy.  She replied that this would be a very good breeder to do adopt a puppy from.  I'm fully convinced and I'm so glad we did just that. 

Frank. N               08-24-07
My husband and I visited  Cloud Walk Kennel not only once but we made the 3 hour trip 3 times.
Every visit, Lauraye welcomed us with open arms and gave us as much time as we wanted to visit with the pups and view her facility.
I have to admit, I am not an easy person to please. (just ask my husband)
I do my research, I ask many questions, and I do expect the best.
Therefore, when I say Cloud Walker Kennel get's and A+ rating from me, you can be assured it is a wonderful facility.
I am sure, Lauraye probably got sick of my daily emails or numerous calls but never once did she say she was too busy.
She always took the time to answer any and all of my questions and has continued to do this even after we brought our puppies home.
To me, this was the icing on the cake.
Knowing our puppies were not only coming from a Great facility but that I also had the support from Lauraye.
Patti and Stacy 08-27-07
I wanted to thank you and everyone at Cloud Walker Kennel for making my Internet puppy purchase such a pleasant experience.
Everything went smother than I could ever have imagined, from filing the puppy application to picking up the puppy at the airport.
I hadn't own a puppy in over 25 years, then to think of purchasing one over the Internet made me more than a little skeptical. But, I must say, you actually made it extremely easy and quite enjoyable. I really felt like an expectant Father! I especially liked your weekly updates on puppy progress via the pictures, the videos, and I was quite humored by your wonderful Cloud Walker Kennel DVD you so graciously sent to me early in the process. I shared that DVD with everyone I could!

I now have a wonderful baby who is growing so fast, was raised by you from birth with tender loving care (it's obvious!), came with a great disposition, and now has a loving place to call home here with me.
I would certainly recommend Cloud Walker Kennel to all my friends who may some day want a puppy as lovely as mine.
I am now the proud parent of a beautiful Eskie named Bella, who I'm sure will enjoy my little darling for many years to come.
Thank You so much,
Len Giulianelli
p.s. I would love to meet other Eskie owners in my area. Bella would go bananas! J
Here is Len's Email

I think it's a very wonderful thing for you to continue to care about your babies after their being adopted by the owners of such pups.  I recall that the breeder I adapted IceMan from didn't seem to care for ongoing updates on him.  However, he has turned out to be a most excellent companion and watchdog for us.  I applaud your continuing care about how your pups are doing. 

Our little darling, Pebbles, has brought much to us, including IceMan.  She loves him.  She loves us and we love her more than I know how to say.  She is the perfect addition to our family.  She is very athletic and can easily jump into our laps when she so desires.  We enjoy this.  She is doing very well.  She has a good appetite and is growing very nicely.
She loves to ride in my car.  She can get into it without my help.  I'm very careful on selecting the times they can ride with me.  I let them accompany me when I won't need to leave them in the car while I'm out of it doing business. 
Frank N 09-06-07