Aren't my puppy people wonderfully creative!
Peggy and her family has allowed me to use their idea of
temporary housing for your new baby when they first arrive
this gives a area to potty in when we have to be at work and cant
let baby out every 2 hours --yet keeps them contained for a little while
so that we maybe able to get started on their training!
of course they will chew their way out after a while but oh so cheap and
inexpensive and a great way to recycle that cardboard!
thanks for sharing to Peggy and family!
the hardest training you will see in your Eskie is housebreaking
while we try to get them started the job falls to you as owners to make sure you have a housebroke puppy
the biggest concern I have is hearing
Puppy potty's at the door
I would like for my answer to be "OPEN THE DOOR"
but alas I have to be nice
So just remember your baby will potty on the carpet if allowed ON the CARPET!
and will potty in the house if you dont take them out
on a regular basis. Based on their age you will need to take them out every 2 hours
when they first wake up
when they first come out of the kennel/crate
after they eat
after 5 minutes of fun play time
train them early use a good odor contol cleaner for accidents
keep them on easy cleaned floors till you are sure they are
Submissive peeing
for the most part your puppy will do this when excited beyond belief
and for about "A YEAR"
No really it will take them a little while to grow out of it but
here are some tips to help control it
when approaching them don't make a big fuss
this is usually when it occurs most often
when you come home
when they are getting to go out side
a big event approaches (company coming)
start with the common "ignore"
when you first come home -- ignore them
when going out side don't make a big fuss till after the collar-leash- harness
is on
when company visits all ignore
when puppy has settled down a good girl/boy will do till initial "excitement"
has passed
the submissive piddle is from small bladders getting over excited
staying calm until the chance to empty our bladder is the biggest start
to helping them control it
once they start to mature this should also subside
NOW this is for submissive piddle those times when they aren't excited and pretty calm isn't "submissive" and should be watched to make sure we are
following a routine in housebreaking until puppy reaches a secure age to feel confident they are housebroke -- and if we are doing it in our crate after less than an hour or 2 in there do look into -- water intake- bladder and kidney infections will also have effect on "holding" it
restrictions of water - not enough proper time out for elimination- confused puppy will also play a part in house breaking and bladder infections
so do keep a nice routine- plenty of water at proper times and plenty of time out to play/eliminate are good starts to good house breaking success